Welcome to Bad Ice Cream 4, 5 and 6

Bad Ice Cream is a cool puzzle game. Guide the Ice Cream through all the fun levels and collect items. This exciting icy platform won't leave you disappointed. Enjoy the game in which you can choose your favourite flavour ice cream and collect all fruits while you avoid evil enemies that want to hold you back. Choose between different sequels and have some fun.

Play Online Bad Ice Cream 4

Bad Ice Cream 4 New Bad Ice Cream sequel is here. Collect as much fruit as possible and upgrade to the next frozen level. Build ice walls to block your enemies. Enjoy this action-packed adventure multiplayer game. Be prepared for new adventures in Bad Ice Cream 4.

Play Online Bad Ice Cream 4 Hacked

Bad Ice Cream 4 Hacked Bad Ice Cream 4 Hacked lets you play all levels and adventures. Eat as much fruit as possible and play next frozen level in the icy platform. Block your enemies and build ice walls.

Play Online Bad Ice Cream 5

Bad Ice Cream 5 Compete against a friend in Bad Ice Cream 5. In order to win this game you must break blocks of ice and eat all the fruit. Play as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry frozen treat and upgrade to the next level in this icy platform

Play Online Bad Ice Cream 6

Bad Ice Cream 6 New and unexpected version of Bad Ice Cream is here. Enjoy two players mode and have fun with your friend. Bad Ice cream 6 will take you to new adventures and challenging levels. Enjoy the world of funny creatures with more fighting abilities.  

Bad Ice Cream Full Gameplay Walkthrough

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